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be happy magazine: Book Review

Updated: Jun 4, 2018


There are a fair few inspirational books to choose from on the shelves nowadays - this one is a bit different.

It’s partly the voyage of self–discovery of the author herself, and partly words of wisdom from some of the patients she worked with in palliative care. The top five regrets of the dying included wishing that they hadn’t worked so hard, living true to their own hearts, finding the courage to express their feelings, keeping in touch with friends and allowing themselves to be happy. The book is beautifully written and shows great respect and love for all the patients. Bronnie’s caring bedside manner guides most to find an inner peace before passing. If you read this book, as one lady points out “You cannot go to your deathbed and say you wished you’d worked it out sooner. You are being blessed by all our mistakes instead”. The main message is that the only really important thing at the end of the day is love and “keeping it simple”. One word of advice – keep a pack of tissues on hand when you start reading.

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